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Our team of expert credit repair specialists at Upgrade Financial Services is dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, we know exactly what it takes to improve your credit score and get you back on track.


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Customers choose Upgrade Financial Services because of our commitment to delivering quick and effective results, our professional and experienced team, and our satisfaction guarantee. Our comprehensive credit repair services, flexible payment options, and convenient support  make it easy for customers to get the help they need, no matter what stage they are in their credit repair journey.

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By fixing errors and removing negative items on your credit report, you can increase your chances of approval for loans and credit cards, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest and fees. Upgrade Financial Services is here to help you succeed, with comprehensive credit repair services and expert advice. Take the first step towards financial freedom and schedule your free credit repair consultation today.


Credit Repair Solutions and Services We Offer

looking to build business credit, repair your own credit, or want to learn how to build business credit?
We have a solution perfect for your credit needs.

Free Credit Repair Consultation

Get a free credit repair consultation from Upgrade Financial Services and take control of your financial future.

Do It Yourself Credit Repair Guide

Get the knowledge and tools you need to repair your own credit with Upgrade Financial Services' Do It Yourself Credit Repair Guide ebook.

Build Business Credit Course

Learn how to build and maintain a strong business credit profile with Upgrade Financial Services' Business Credit Course.

Credit Repair FAQ's

Find answers to common credit repair questions on Upgrade Financial Services' credit repair FAQ's page.

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