If we do not remove any negatives on your credit report after 120 days from using our services, you are entitled to a 100% refund on all monthly payments.

( The enrollment fee is non-refundable, just the payment fee) You are only eligible for a refund if : ‍

-You have not used a credit-consulting agency nor attempted to repair your own credit at least 1 year prior to signing up for our services.

- You have had no new collections or missed payments during the time frame we are assisting you

-You have maintained credit monitoring services at all times during the time frame we are assisting you

- You agree & have sent updated reports/responses from the three credit bureaus & creditors to us within 5 days of receipt. ‍

If you made us aware if updated reports have not been received within 30-45 days.

For the diamond plan you can only get refunded half of the payments made.

Digital products sold by Upgrade Financial Services including ebooks, courses, and events are non refundable